Monday, December 7, 2015


Wow, warning in advance this letter is going to be so scatterbrained! Sorry I didnt write last week. There wasnt much to say considering we were in a strike for a week and a half! We just barely ended it this past Thursday. My Thanksgiving was spent inside planning, but it will be one I will never forget! We made Pumpkin Spice cookies with the Hermanas last pday to make up for it so all is well!

This week was good! Frustrating, but there were tons of tender mercies from the Lord letting me know He loves me and is aware of the struggles we are having here.

Tuesday was normal! We had some good lessons. Tender Mercy 1: We sat down with our investigator Margarita who we havent been able to see for a couple of weeks so we werent sure what she would remember or where she would be at with everything. Well we sit down and the usual talk about the week and then I asked if we could start with the prayer and she goes "Of course! Ill do it!" and just starts praying. I just stared at her for a minute in disbelief. She had read what we left her and remembered how to pray! It was a miracle.

Wednesday we didnt or couldnt do much because we were still in paro. This week we spent a lot of time looking for less actives in the city from a list we received from the EQ president. President Harbertson has promised us that if we search for and find new less actives we will find more investigators and not only that, but those who have been prepared. Well we looked and looked and looked all week but to no avail. We didnt find a single one. They either didnt exist, werent there, or didnt want anything to do with us. It was super frustrating but we still have a lot to go so I have faith that someone, at least one person on that list, we bring miracles.

Thursday we planned and then went down to PV to visit Sebastian! Good news, he is getting baptized on Saturday! So this little boy is a fireball. At the end he goes "Quieren ver mis pollitos?" (Wanna see my chickens?) We reluctanlty agreed expecting to see the typical chickens we always do from children. Well, THEY WERE ACTUALLY BABIES. LIKE 2 DAYS OLD. They were so cute, and he was obsessed with them. Haha. Tender mercy 2.

Friday was the normal work. We went out to visit Jorge and talked about fasting because this sunday was fast and testimony. Well of course he eagerly agreed because he is incredible like that. So we come in to church yesterday and he comes us to us with this huge smile and tells us he is fasting. Without even thinking I go "Wow good job Hermano Jorge. Its kind of hard isnt it?" Here is where he taught me a profound lesson and tender mercy 3: "No Hermana. Cuando uno quiere hacer algo es facil. Cuando no quiere hacer algo entonces es dificil." (When you want to do something it is easy. When you dont want to do it then it is hard.) I thought about it for a long time that day, and am just so grateful for him. It is so true. When you have the desire you can do anything! Thanks Hermano Jorge for puttin me in my place. We also offered service to Hermana Raquel and helped her bag popcorn to go sell in the market. Yum, free popcorn!

Saturday was fun! We started our fast with our investigator Luz. Tender Mercy 4. She is trying to make the decision to get married or seperate from her boyfriend Alfonso so that she can get baptized on Christmas (Cool right?!!) So we invited her to fast and explained how much it could help her. We went over to start it with her and the spirit was so strong. Funny note, she was shocked that she couldnt even drink water. "So what if a drop in the shower just happens to fall in my mouth Hermanas?" HAHA oh Hermana Luz. So anyways, she ended up not coming to church yesterday and we werent able to get ahold of her so we dont know what is going on, but at least she had agreed to do it with us! I really hope she can make the right decision. She is so incredible and already has a powerful testimony of the Gospel. Stay tuned! Then that night we taught English classes in the chapl! We are using it as a way to try and find new people to teach. Not very many people came, but it was still fun! FUNNY side note, so I asked everyone to write down what they wanted to learn from us in english. I get this response from Acse, the young mens president "Phrases I can say to my girlfriend." Haha it was so weird, and he wouldnt leave it alone. So I taught him how to say you are the light of my life, you are beautiful, will you marry me, and I am in love with you! I was dying. I had him repeat after me, so imagine that - I am in love with you.... awkward!

Also funny side note, Sebastian went in to have his interview. Well back story - he remembers and knows the Word of Wisdom like the back of his hand. He loves to explain it, knows exactly the 5 things we should avoid and the whole 9 yards. Well Elder Andromidas starts and is asking him about Prophets and if he believed Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. "Yes he is. And also there is this commandment where we shouldnt take drugs, or drink alcohol..." And he just launches in to the Word of Wisdom. Hey at least we know later in life he wont have any problems there. Haha I love him.

This week I learned a lot! I am still pushing along here trying to find what the Lord needs me to learn from this area. It is HARD, and there is almost no progress - at least not recognizable. But my comp and I are just really trying to make sure that we are doing everything that we can to receive the blessings of the Lord. And I know that miracles are in store here in the jungle!

Hermana Miceli

Pic 1 and 2 - My new baby chicks!
Pic 3 - Pumpkin Spice cookies! They were delicious in case you were wondering.
Pic 4 - The cute candy poster the Earls made me!

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