Monday, May 9, 2016

Well first off, Cristians going to Colombia!! He opened his mission call yesterday and it was the best! But sups trunky - he reports to the CCM the same day Ill be back on American soil... EEK!

This week was good! It was crazy, here and there with Hermana Lider stuff. 

Monday we had a super great NDH with Gaby and the bishops fam! Shes really progressing and is super excited for her baptism. Shes one of the people that I know I promised I was going to come and find. I love her!

Tuesday we did service with the Elders for Hermana Fredy and found Hermana Jessica, my old pension! She was only here for a few days but it was super great to see her.

Wednesday we had divisions with central... well tried to. It sure was not our day. Hermana Rodriguez and I spent all day in the hospital with a sister from the other zone and poor Hermana Wagner with Hermana Bazo twisted her ankle which brought them home all afternoon. What I learned: I am so not ready to be a mother!! #mommiceli #doctormiceli But in the morning we did find some less actives that we had been looking for for a while and an old investigator so that was sweet.

Thursday we went to the beach! We had to plan our conferencia multi zona for the next day. Then we spent all night at the clinic again for some dang copies of a medical report that took 3 HOURS AND COST 18 SOLES. #patience

Friday we had conferencia en el campo with president! It was a super good day and wasnt too cold which was nice. Pres talked about lots of things but what impacted me the most came from Hermana Harbertson. She talked about becoming Gods and how we do it. There was a study a few years ago where they found the farthest universe that exists from earth - 13.3 billion light years away. That means that God has been at the process of creation for more than 13 billion years. That means we can have perfect confidence in Him, that He is perfect and has had a long time to perfect the things He does. God never makes mistakes, EVER. He knows exactly what He is doing and can always see the beginning to eternity. It was a super good talk! She talked about Christ and the perfect balance he had achieved in his life that allowed him to become like God. So, how do you become a God?

I love you all! Mothers day was the best. Shout out to my stellar and incredible mother. The strongest woman I know who manages to put a smile on her face everyday. Remember that you are all so loved by God. He is in the details of your life. His only desire is to help you become perfect even as He is. Trust in Him because He does not make mistakes.

Con Amor,
Hermana Miceli

Pic 1 - Cristians going to COLOMBIA!
Pic 2 y 3 - Vamos a la playa!
Pic 4 - Look mom my hairs turning auburn.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Seeing the fruits of our labor


Tuesday we were in divisions in Manco! I spent the day with Hermana Martinez and she never ceases to amaze me! It was a super great day and we may or may not have stopped in the plaza for milkshakes - they are like the states and they are killer.

Wednesday was super good! We saw the miracle of finally being able to find a menos activo we have been looking for for months - Hna Primitiva! We went to the market and taught her in her store and it was a super spiritual lesson! She didnt come to church yesterday, but poco a poco. Then we had a super good lesson with Hermana Olga Machaca whose son Christian gets his mission call this week! FIESTA. We are super excited, theyre the best. Then we found a new investigator - Hermana Esperanza. She was a reference from the bishop when she came to general conferece a month ago. We hadnt been able to contact her again but we had our first lesson and she is super willing to learn and accepted the baptism invitation. It was a little freaky with her crucified Christ in the background, but hey, at least it wasnt the virgin mary. Then we finished the day with a super great lesson with Gaby!!! She accepted a date for the 28th of this month and is reading the LDM. I love her. She is my bestie.

Thursday was gr8t. We taught an abuelita panay sitting on the sidewalk, danced la Waka Waka with Hermana Constantina, and cleaned our new house! Surprise, we moved on Saturday. We now live with Katia and Gaby, and Pamela and Jose Luis, our pension, moved across the stairs from us. It is a blast, and a mansion compared to what I have lived in most of my mission.

Friday was incredible. It started with a super great lesson with Fam. Valencia. They still havent set a date to get married, but they are getting there. We had a whiteboard lesson where we drew out the restoration and it was a miracle, they didnt sleep during the lesson! Theyre basically members, just lacking the actual baptism. Then we had one of the best, most spiritual lessons I have had in my whole mission with Gaby. We taught her about the first part of the plan of salvation, but thats not the coolest part. We asked her if she had prayed about the church and the LDM again and she had and then told us about a dream she had about the church. She said she knows without a doubt that the church is true and that now is her time to get baptized. She told us about some spiritual experiences she has had and wow, she has a gift for recognizing the spirit. She said the closing prayer and started to cry and we cryed and it was amazing. The church is true! God answers prayers, and the Spirit changes peoples hearts. She came to church again on Sunday and is loving it. Cant wait to see her in white!

Sunday was the perfect ending to the week. Katia, Jose Luis, and Sharon all gave their testimonies thanking Hermana Bazo and I for everything we have done for them and expressing their love for us. I know this work isnt about me, but it was rewarding to finally see some fruits of all of our labors. If even only for a few people I know we are touching lives here and the Lord is with us. We are seeing the smallest of miracles in the ward and in the bishop but they are making a difference. The Lord is teaching me how to rely on Him and that this is HIS WORK, and I love Him for that. 

So the last miracle. Remember Diego Ruiz? And his little sister Ericka who we rescued back in February? Well for this last two months he has falled off the face of the earth. His dad is in the military and they got transferred to el centro and we hadnt been able to find him. It was strange, in these two months I had remembered him but for some reason had never felt the need or the desire to call him and reach out to him. Well in our weekly planning on Thursday I decided to call him - my comp doesnt even have any idea who he is because he disapeared right as she got here. Well he answered and we set up and appointment for Sunday, yesterday! We talked to him and he said that he had just been busy with his family and moving and all that and that he missed church and was planning on coming back. It was a good lesson but nothing super awesome. Until he offered the closing prayer. He cried the whole way threw and told us that a week before we had called him he had felt super lost. He was happy that his family was back together again (they are less actives) but that he felt a deep loss and darkness in his life and he wasnt sure what to do. Then we called and he said he was just in awe with how the Lord continues to help him. He felt Gods love and His handing reaching out to Him. I just stood in awe. What an incredible experience and opportunity to have been an instrument in the Lords hands to help one of His sons when he most needed it. I love this work, and I know that God is at the healm. I have personally witnessed His hand in the lives of so many people. Diego is back on track, and while he isnt in our ward anymore, he has misisonaries who will help him just as much as we could.

This week was super rewarding. I love being a missionary! Never forget that God loves you. He answers your prayers and He will give you the guidance of the Spirit as you are willing to listen and act. He NEVER abandons us, but always gives us opportunities and experiences to learn about His love and His will.

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Miceli

Pic 1 - Me and my friend 
Pic 2 - BABY.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Whats your will

I am lazy and this week wasnt too eventful so this will be short. I cannot believe I only have 2 cambios left as a missionary. It really is incredible how fast the time flies. I feel like Ive only lived in peru for a few months! I am staying here in Puno with Hermana Bazo. I am super happy to still be with her, but it is hard being in Puno still. There is something the Lord still needs me to learn so I will keep working until He sends me somewhere else!

This week we went to Cusco for concilio and it was great. I got to visit my sector in Cusco and see people I havent seen for almost a year! It was super special. We visited Hermana Izayda and she cried of joy and then visited Hermana Pilar who just stared at me as if I was a ghost. It was the best also because they actually remembered my name! It was super cool. Plus we ran into a super cute american family of members that treated us to ice cream. THEY WERE THE BEST.

Gaby came to church on Sunday!!! She told us she wasnt going to be able to so when she did I almost cried out of joy! She is Katias sister that we have been teaching for a few weeks now. Shes so cute. I love them.

Other than that the week was slow. We are still struggling to find new people to teach and to have people progressing. But I know that the Lord still loves me! He loves the people here and I need to learn to be more like Him. The ward is progressing a lot and the bishop is supporting us more and more so I am really grateful for that. Some great things are going to happen in this change, I just know it!

Love you all!

Hermana Miceli

Pic 1 - Heres the before shot... PIZZA.
Pic 2 - And the after.... Im on a roll with getting food poisoning right before important conferences!!! The zone leaders are the best.
Pic 3 - Hermana Pilar from Cusco! Shes still not baptized, but shes getting there!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Love the people, Love the work

Well, I really dont remember much of what happened this week. Time is flying and all of the days feel the same.

Tuesday was cool! We had some good lessons, found streets on the mountain of our sector that I didnt even know existed, and ate choclate... lots of chocolate.

Wednesday we had divisions and I went to Tupac in the other stake with Hermana Corsetti! All I have to say about their sector... STAIRS. SO MANY DANG STAIRS.

Thursday we had interviews at home with president! It was super fun and Hermana Harbertson gave us a bunch of tricks on how to lose weight just by having good posture. Holla.

Friday was AWESOME! We had divisions with the hermanas from central and we invited them to come to our sector so all 4 of us were working here. I was with Hermana Cooper, LA LOCA. We had a super good day! YERSON IS ON FIRE AGAIN! My comp found him again on Wednesday when I was in the other sector and he is doing super well! Then on Friday I went with Hermana Cooper and he is just so amazing! He just gets it. THE PLAN IS REAL. It is amazing to see someone just remembering everything the learned before this life. He committed to be baptized on the 23rd of April no matter what happens and he said he just knows it is his date. He came to church on Sunday and like always was a stud answering all the questions. Love the kid.

But the best news of the week.... Marilu and Dino went to the temple and were sealed! I cried like a baby. They shared their testimonies yesterday and they are incredible. Hermana Marilu had no words to describe how she felt to finally reach what they have talked about for so long now. Hermano Dino is a stud, their children are angels, and they are just the best! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER YALL.

LOVE THIS WORK. I cannot believe it is flying by so fast. Here is my spiritual thought for the week, actually a quote I read from my general conference notes that helped me make it through the days: "If you quit now, others will have to painfully learn what you already know."

Hermana Miceli

PS - Everyone watch general conference this weekend! Its gonna be the best.

Pic 1 - We made causa and papa rellena! Causa is just potato and lemon and some sauce stuff with chicken and mayo in the middle and it is KILLER.
Pic 2 - Not even the dogs love me.
Pic 3 - Divisions with Hermana Cooper! We hiked literally to the top of puno and the view was incredible!

Monday, February 22, 2016


Well, not much to say other than.... ELDER HOLLAND CAME TO OUR MISSION. We had an all mission conference with him on Saturday in Cusco. We left Puno at midnight on Friday and were only in Cusco for about 5 hours. IT WAS AMAZING. He shook each of our hands, and I had the privilege of being able to sing for him. Talk about nerves! But he cried, President Harbertson cried, the missionaries cried. So the Spirit did its job! Only five of us sang and we did come thou fount of every blessing in Spanish. It was incredible. Elder Holland yelled at us, cried with us, and loved us. He is amazing. Plus being 2 feet away from him the whole time wasnt half bad.

Well after that bomb, the rest of the week will sound pretty boring. But it was a good week! Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement.

Tuesday we did divisions! I went to Incapachacutec with Hermana Campoverde and it was the best! She helped me to remember about putting my trust in God about all else and that it always matters more what he thinks of us.

Wednesday we were super blessed! We found two new investigators and were able to have 4 lessons with investigators in total. That hasnt happened for us in forever! I know that the Lord answered our prayers and helped us to find all of the people we had planned.

Thursday and Friday were good! I feel very grateful this week for the Plan of Salvation. On Thursday we were able to go and visit the wife of the second counselor in the bishopric, Hermana Eliana. They just had their first baby 2 weeks ago - Emma Rose. She is so cute! There starts the plan on this earth. On Friday we saw the ending of the plan of this earth. We were able to visit a lady who is dying of liver cancer. It was one of the most humbling moments I have ever had on my mission. We couldnt say much, but we just testified to them about the power of God and his love. She will go soon, but she will be in a better place without pain and suffering.

On a side note, I pierced my companions ears on Thursday! HAHA. I am so crazy. We had been talking about it for weeks, so we bought anesthesia in a creme from the pharmacy and she toughed it up and now she has earrings. She is so cute. I love her.

Sunday we were zombies after getting home from Cusco at 11 the night before. We had a super good lesson with our ward mission leader Juan Carlos and talked about Enduring to the End. I am just so grateful to be an instrument in the Lords hand. Juan Carlos thanked us for visiting him formally and told us that we had said exactly what he needed to hear. The Lord knows His children!! All I have to do is listen to the Spirit to be able to tell them what he needs them to hear.

And the next best news of the week.... WE FINALLY FOUND YERSON AGAIN! After he didnt get into the university he went downhill and has been in a pit the last month and just feels really alone. We had a member with us, Juan Ramon, who was able to be his friend and share personal experiences, and at the end was able to give him a blessing to know that he is not alone in this. Right as we sat down, he goes "Hermanas, I know you told me this path wouldnt be easy and that I would have trials. Well, they came. And they all came at once." God gives us adversity to help us grow! That is a very profound lesson that I am striving to understand right now. I dont know why it has to be that way, but like Elder Holland told us "The road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemane." We will all, at some point or another, have to go through some of what Christ suffered. It wont always be that way, and in the next life we will rest from all of our troubles. But for now we have to experience it. I am grateful for Heavenly Father and for everything he seems to be putting me through right now. I have asked why many times but am learning now to ask, "So Heavenly Father, what do you need from me? What will I learn from this?" This change has not been easy, and it isnt going to get easier all in one day, but I know with all my heart that the Lord is by my side. He helps each of us! I feel especially privileged in this hard time to be on the Lords errand. I love Him with all my heart and it has taken coming all the way to Peru for me to realize that - that He is my Father.

I love you all! Cheers to a great week and an even better to come!

Hermana Miceli

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pic 1 - Happy Valentines Day! I picked out Elder Lundells heart tie in la cachina - 1 sol!

Pic 2 - Today we went to this really fun big slide in the middle of town!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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