Monday, December 28, 2015

A Week of Peace

Well, Merry Christmas! Mine was amazing. Peruvian. Full of panetone, chocolate, and a BAPTISM! Zoriana - she really has just fallen out of heaven these past few weeks and has been a total miracle. It was a beautiful service and went off essentially without a hitch. When she shared her testimony at the end she said she felt unsure about getting baptized for family problems that she has until she entered the water and then just knew. She was super nervous but was glowing and just kept hugging us and telling us how happy she was. It was the best! For Christmas Eve our mission leader took us out to pizza. Now that is a tradition I would not mind adopting when I get home. Machupizza - delicious!

Other than that there isnt much of a report from this week. We are just trying to find new people to teach which is proving to be difficult here. We do have a couple that will get married and be baptized this coming month! Agustina y Nilton. They are THE BEST. So strong. They have been in the process for over 3 years and now are so sure that they are in the true church and just have incredible testimonies. We went over for a lesson with them yesterday and talked about el Dia de Reposo. They sounded like members of years! Nilton shared his testimony and it was probably one of the most powerful moments I have ever been in on my mission. I just am so grateful that the Lord allows me to know such incredible people!!! I love them so much already.

As many of you I am sure have heard, my dear mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be going in this week to get it removed. First off, let me say how grateful I am that I am where I am. Finding out on Christmas wasnt easy, but surprisingly was one of the most peaceful moments of my life. I love the Lord with all my heart. I know that He is aware of my mom and is protecting her for me. Although I am so far away, I do not feel it. I feel His love more than I ever have. I feel the love of all of you and that is what is keeping me going. There is no place I would rather be through all of this than right where I am in Peru because I know that the Lord can bless my family more with me here than he would be able to any other way. I know that she will be okay, I have never had any doubt. How lucky I am to be able to be surrounded by so many amazing people and to be able to give myself in service to the one person who is truly watching over my mom. I love you all so much! The Lord hears and answers prayers. He knows us and he watches over us. Never doubt it. Never forget it.

Hermana Miceli

Pic 1 - Turkey legs and Inca Kola for Christmas lunch!
Pic 2 - Zoriana! Our bishop is the far left. He is great.
Pic 3 - Love her.
Pic 4 - The classic leaving the font picture.

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