Monday, March 28, 2016

Love the people, Love the work

Well, I really dont remember much of what happened this week. Time is flying and all of the days feel the same.

Tuesday was cool! We had some good lessons, found streets on the mountain of our sector that I didnt even know existed, and ate choclate... lots of chocolate.

Wednesday we had divisions and I went to Tupac in the other stake with Hermana Corsetti! All I have to say about their sector... STAIRS. SO MANY DANG STAIRS.

Thursday we had interviews at home with president! It was super fun and Hermana Harbertson gave us a bunch of tricks on how to lose weight just by having good posture. Holla.

Friday was AWESOME! We had divisions with the hermanas from central and we invited them to come to our sector so all 4 of us were working here. I was with Hermana Cooper, LA LOCA. We had a super good day! YERSON IS ON FIRE AGAIN! My comp found him again on Wednesday when I was in the other sector and he is doing super well! Then on Friday I went with Hermana Cooper and he is just so amazing! He just gets it. THE PLAN IS REAL. It is amazing to see someone just remembering everything the learned before this life. He committed to be baptized on the 23rd of April no matter what happens and he said he just knows it is his date. He came to church on Sunday and like always was a stud answering all the questions. Love the kid.

But the best news of the week.... Marilu and Dino went to the temple and were sealed! I cried like a baby. They shared their testimonies yesterday and they are incredible. Hermana Marilu had no words to describe how she felt to finally reach what they have talked about for so long now. Hermano Dino is a stud, their children are angels, and they are just the best! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER YALL.

LOVE THIS WORK. I cannot believe it is flying by so fast. Here is my spiritual thought for the week, actually a quote I read from my general conference notes that helped me make it through the days: "If you quit now, others will have to painfully learn what you already know."

Hermana Miceli

PS - Everyone watch general conference this weekend! Its gonna be the best.

Pic 1 - We made causa and papa rellena! Causa is just potato and lemon and some sauce stuff with chicken and mayo in the middle and it is KILLER.
Pic 2 - Not even the dogs love me.
Pic 3 - Divisions with Hermana Cooper! We hiked literally to the top of puno and the view was incredible!