Monday, November 16, 2015


Not much to say about this week! The title explains it all!!!!!!!!!!! Almost a month after his baptism, Jorge was finally confirmed yesterday at church. That man is SO AMAZING. After they kicked him out of the hospital on Monday last week, he went home to an empty house alone but has recovered 100% this week. Miracles. He was SO happy yesterday and was walking like normal and was strong and everything. SO HAPPY. :)

This week we ended up teaching a lot of lessons and it was AWESOME. Way better than the normal walking around in the heat all day aimlessly.

Tuesday we found a new investigator Miluzca! We had contacted her last week looking for a reference. We didnt teach much but she is great and really wants to learn! Plus she has two super cute little girls who are obsessed with "the gringas." Also all the little kids ever of Pueblo Viejo are obsessed with us - we are super famous. They all run up to us and hug us and chase after us and say "Hola Hermanas!" literally 100 times. We even have little boys who think I am snow white and run after us down the street yelling "BLANCA NIEVE!" Haha I LOVE IT HERE! Not only am I a missionary, but a princess too!

 We also had a cool experience teaching Family History! We told everyone we would be in the chapel from 6-8 to help with their Family History and only one member ended up coming. BUT it was great because we were able to focus on her and found out that she has family who are members! Her whole life she has thought she is the only member in her family, and its been really hard for her. But through the process of putting in uncles and grandparents we came across a cousin or something who is a member. She was SO happy! We messaged her right away to contact her and it was the best. I witnessed a really happy moment in her life.

Wednesday my comp was sick. :( Her feet keep swelling up like sausages everyday and it is super painful. So we layed with our feet up and had a photoshoot!

Thursday was INCREDIBLE. We found 2 new investigators - Alex and Rocio. They are a super cute young couple who were a reference from a few less actives who live near them. Well we go and come to find out that the Elders were visiting them but all of a sudden around March of this year they just stopped coming. But they love the church and said that before they never had time to attend church Sundays or listen to the missionaries because of their jobs and their young daughter. But now they have time and are super ready to listen! And then the most amazing thing... THEY ARE MARRIED. YOU GUYS DONT GET IT THAT NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENS HERE. We walked away literally jumping for joy!!! Now we dont have to worry about that and can just focus on helping them progress in the Gospel. I love them already! They are so prepared and it is incredible how the missionaries before planted the seed of the gospel in their lives, but that it wasnt their time yet to accept it for many reasons. But now they are ready and we have the privilege of being here so the Lord can work through us!

Friday was pretty normal! We taught some good lessons and had a fun FHE with a family that a few months ago moved out of our branch but still comes on Sundays because they dont want to go anywhere else. It was fun - we did a testimony activity and then all shared our testimonies and the spirit was so strong. Plus Araselly the daughter is getting married Dec. 5th and I will be here for it!!! AHHH so much joy!

Saturday was sssssooooo hot. Literally el infierno. We walked out to UPIS to prove to ourselves, and maybe God a little bit, that we were tired and hot but that we still had the energy to work hard! Maybe a bad idea - we arrived in UPIS like Zombies. Oops!

Sunday we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Luz! We cried, laughed, talked, and got her to commit to prepare the be baptized the 12th of December! She is the best, and so prepared! When she talks, she already sounds like a member. She came to church and was so comfortable - it is definitely where she belongs. She told us she is going to come to church every week because she just loves it so much. MIRACLES.

Other than that this week was rad. It is sooo hot and everyday is miserable, but the Lord blesses us so much! 

Hermana Miceli

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