Monday, March 23, 2015


Hi Whitney Girl
Still looking forward to hear from you once a week. All is fine with me here. The weather is slowingly warming up. Not much of a winter this year. Glad to hear that you are still enjoying your mission. Will have Bryland again on Wednesday since im watching him every other week on Wed. and Friday.He is growing like weeds. Not to much today, could you please let me know that you are getting my E-Mails. Love G-ma.
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Sorry there was no email last week! Internet
issues here in Peru are a real thing.
This week has been one for the book as far as
difficulty. It is so hard to adjust to the culture here and
to find a balance between accepting the cultural norms and
feeling comfortable myself! Seriously, never take for
granted American food! Wow, I miss it so much it is
incredible. A nice hamburger would be perfect right about
Seriously, this week has been incredible as far
as the work! We have a family we have been working with for
a long time. They have been up and down on the path of
righteousness, but finally they have committed to be
baptized and have set a date for the 30th of May! AHHHH SO
MUCH HAPPINESS. Seriously the change we have witnessed
through the power of the Holy Ghost is incredible and truly
a miracle. Pray for them! They still have a long way to go
and no doubt the road is going to be hard!
We also have a less active member who is
progressing so well, is coming to church, and seriously
glows with the light of the gospel when she shares her
testimony! The blessings I see everyday are incredible. I
have such a firm testimony that really the Holy Ghost can
change hearts - everyone just has their time!
I am grateful this week for each one of  you!
Really, your emails every week and words of encouragement
are what keep me going! I am so grateful to be a missionary,
and although I am in a different world (literally) the Lord
is helping me to feel the comforts of home!
Ciao from Peru! Always remember that you have a
Heavenly Father who loves you and is waiting to pour out
blessings if you just turn to Him!
Hermana Miceli

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