Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rap Battles and Bird Poop

Hola everyone!!!
Okay weirdest title ever I know. But rap battles is because this week in the CCM with my district and roomies we have been rapping to stay sane. Here is one of the best by yours truly "Room 217 is the dopest room eva, some people dont like us but I say see ya nevaaaa." Dont worry its not really true, buuuttt it rhymed. Also, one day during physical activity I was sitting under a tree and a bird pooped on me so that was fun! I hope it is good luck here in peru but idk so theres that!

Another week down! It is crazy, I am halfway done with my time here in the CCM! I only have 3 weeks left and then I get to escape the heat. SO EXCITED.

This week was a hard one for me. I had a hard time finding and keeping the spirit with me. For some reason I just felt really incapable this week of doing my job as a missionary! But on Friday we had a devotional with Elder Anderson of the Second Quorom of the 70 in the presidency of the church. IT WAS SO AWESOME. He talked about faith and having faith to ACT. There is one story I want to share. There was a young girl who had birds she loved outside of her house. She prayed everyday for them to be safe because there was a bird trap nearby that her neighbor had set up. One day after praying, her Dad mentioned to her that not all of our prayers are answered as we want them to be. She replied with "Thats okay dad, I know the birds are safe." "How do you know?" he replied. "After I prayed, I went out and destroyed the trap myself." she answered. Moral of the story: We must pray in faith ALWAYS, and then then get up and ACT. Like the little girl, we can pray for things to happen but we must have faith to begin the process of receiving blessings. IT WAS AWESOME. The spirit was so strong!!!

This week I have also been really humbled with the language. I started out really well my first two weeks, and then this week for some reason things were really hard for me. I feel like I am at a standstill all of a sudden and I am not sure why. But this week PRAYER has become so real for me. I testify to everyone reading this, that HEAVENLY FATHER HEARS and ANSWERS our sincere prayers. I know He does. There is no way I would have made it through this week without His help. For that, I am forever grateful.

The temple this morning was soooo awesome!!! Obviously the sessions here are in Spanish. Well this morning I went through without a headset in English and I understood everything!!! Partly because I have most of it memorized (Thanks mom and dad for allowing me and encouraging me to go to the temple so much before I lefty!) but the Gift of Tongues was so real for me! It was the most incredible feeling! I also saw Hermana Reyes! She is a latina who was in the CCM here my first two weeks and just left last week but her mission is right here in Lima so we saw her! Holla for tender mercies from the Lord.
That is it for this week!!! This week has been trying but I have grown so much! I still love being a missionary and everyday Jesus is right next to my heart on my nametag. SEEK after him! He is the way. It is so hard here, but the joy I feel everyday is indescribable.
Hermana Miceli :)
PS ask me questions so I know what to write about!!! The weeks here in the CCM are the same, so it is getting hard to stay entertaining!!!
PSS!! Our fake investigator Ruben is getting fake baptized next week! WOOT WOOT

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