Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Dont worry I made it!!!!! These spanish keyboards have no apostrophes so theres that. Peru is soooo different, but beautiful in its own way! On my flight from LA to Lima I was the only missionary so that was scary. Customs and all that was rough and once I got out I couldnt find anyone from the mtc or any other missionaries. But finally I found them!!! I said so many prayers yesterday it was crazy. I wish so badly that I was fluent en espanol ahora (now) because it is so frustrating not being able to communicate and say the things I want to. But it will come! The CCM (MTC) is BEAUTIFUL compared to the rest of the city. We really are in paradise. Mi companera es Hermana Wattles. She is from Vegas and she is sooo great!! We already get along really well and have laughed a lot. I love it here already. We havent done much but I am excited for whats to come. Breakfast this morning was.... interesting. I will leave it at that. Haha. We got our missionary tags this morning so it is official!!! It is still so crazy. I will send pictures next week. Here in the mission training center we can only take pictures on our preparation days. OKAY i am out of here until next week!!! I love you all and am so grateful to be here!!!

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