Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hey all!!! I cannot believe I have already been here for two weeks. This week has been a blur so this email will be scatter brained!
So this week, we started teaching! We have taught so much. Our investigators are our teachers but they act and have real stories and everything. It is so hard teaching in spanish, it is so frustrating when I cant say what I want to!! But my companion and I are improving everyday which is all we can strive for.
So I LOVE my district. I think I said that last week, but really I do. We made these lists the other day about silly things like most likely to get married first after the mission and what not. Well we made one and it was most sassy to least sassy and I was voted most sassy. Haha so thats fun. Not sassy in a bad way though dont worry.
SO thursday we went to Interpol to do all of our Visa stuff. It was HORRIBLE and sooo boring just for some fingerprints. BUT I gave out my first BOOK OF MORMON!!! Thats my title. It was soooo awesome! It took a ton of courage. I gave it to our driver. He wasnt a member of the church but said he believed in God and the Bible and went to church. I didnt know how to say much but I asked him if he knew anything about the BOM and he said no and then I just told him how it is another testament of Jesus Christ and gave it to him! He was smiling and gladly accepted it! Probably because he just felt sorry for me since I cant really speak spanish hahah but at least he took it!
Sunday was the BEST DAY EVER! Sundays in the CCM are the best because they are super spiritual but more relaxed than other days. We have devotionals and listen to talks by apostles. We listened to an awesome talk by Richard G Scott about prayer!! So awesome serrrrrioussllyyyyyy. Then we had a district Testimony meeting. SO GOOD. We all shared why we chose to come on missions and what has made us stay so far. LA MEJOR. (the best.)
Fun Facts
1. They have this really weird alien looking fruit here called Granadia. I hated it at first but it has grown on my and eat at least 1 a day. They are super good for you!
2. The buses here in Lima are crazy! We went to the temple this morning and coming back on the bus I feared for my life.
3. So the other day at lunch I was sitting next to the President of the CCM, Presidente Gonzalez and his wife Sister Gonzalez and we were talking about monkeys. Well monkey in Spanish is mono. Pres and Sis Gonzalez are from Colombia and there mono means blonde so Sis Gonzalez said that people there just say hey mono and they are calling you blonde. So say it in peru and people are calling you monkey. Haha.
4. I can pray in spanish!!! It is so fun. I try to say my nightly personal prayers in spanish but it is mostly spanglish because most of what I want to say I just say in english because I dont know it in spanish. Haha. But the basics I can say en espanol!
This week was awesome! It is getting harder here at the CCM. I am struggling to have the spirit with me all the time and to teach with it, but I am trying! This is the hardest thing I have ever done. Missions make you realize everything you need to work on in your life. But they also bring out your strengths and allow you to help others!! I love it. Yo amo el evangelio much. (I love this gospel a lot.) Yo se que el evangelio es verdadero y yo se que Jesuscristo es mi salvador!!! Until next week!
Hna. Miceli!!!

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