Monday, October 5, 2015


This week was strangly difficult for me. Nothing in particular, it was just super hard to make it through everyday. But here I am and yet another week has passed!

I knew Tuesday was going to be a good day because my dear mother went in for back surgery and I told the Lord that I was worried but that I was leaving it in His hands. And it was a good day! Shoutout becuase she is now Ironwoman and a champ - love you meme. We had some great lessons! I just LOVE the people here! Some of the people we are teaching right now just fill my heart with joy. If yall remember Amely who I mentioned a couple of weeks ago... seriously yall I wish you could see how stinkin cute and HILARIOUS she is sometimes. Suffice to say, she makes every hard day worth it when I see her.

Wednesday followed by being pretty good! A few weeks ago a less active member had given us a reference of a lady who lived in front of her. We had never passed by but Wednesday I finally felt impressed to do so, and it was AWESOME. Turns out it is a familly who listened to the Elders before and have come to church and everything. The daughter, Naomi, is 17 and SO CUTE. She loves the Gospel and just wants to learn more! We ended up having a lesson with them and it was supa great. Love being guided by the Spirit! It was also fun because we were with Hermana Alailima from Huerto because her comps went to Cusco for a couple of days. We laughed, invited people to be baptized, and may or may not have eaten ice cream 2 times during the day. What more could you ask for!?

Thursday Hermana Alailima was sick (May or may not have been all the stuff we ate wednesday ooooooooooops) so we didnt actually leave the house but its okay! We got our planning done and enjoyed eachothers company. Friday for me was ROUGH. We had a super hard lesson with Gladyth about the Sabbath Day and I just felt like such a failure. I almost didnt make it to the end of the day, but thanks to my comp, Amely, and chinese food, all was well!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in the chapel watching Conference. IT WAS THE BEST. Seriously loved it ALL. It is so hard to pick out what I loved most but like the title of this email says, I LOVED the one from Sunday afternoon about ponderizing the scriptures. I bet Facebook was blowing up with that talk. But in all reality, I loved it! It inspired me so much! So I am starting this week! I will be ponderizing Mormon 3:16. Id love to hear each week what scriptures youve chosen and I will include mine at the end of each of my emails!

I love you all! This week will definitely be a great one, I just know it!

Hermana Miceli :)

Pic 1 - Beginning of the month rollin in tha dough. Youll all be happy to know that the mission has not changed my goofiness one bit! ;)
Pic 2 - Girls and conference! Hermana Russell, Hermana Alailima, Hermana Holland, yo, Hermana Barfuss
Pic 3 - A super cute actual candid

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