Monday, October 19, 2015

Re: Jorge´s Baptism!

HURRAY!!!!! Good job Hermana Miceli!! Tony, translation please!

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 10:57 AM, Whitney Miceli <> wrote:
This week was AWESOME. We worked super super super hard and met all of our goals and then some annnnnddd Jorge got baptized! A lot of amazing things happened but it would take years to write it all and I have no time because we´re making cookies today so I´ll just skip to the best part!

On Saturday Jorge got baptized! It was SO stressful actually getting there. We couldn´t figure out how to fill the font with water that wasn´t brown like a swamp, we weren´t sure if the only baptismal clothes we had would fit him, we still needed to visit him and give him money to be able to get to the chapel, and AH it was just crazy! But all was well, he made it to the chapel and all went well! He was SO happy and gave the most incredible testimony after that seriously sounded like a member of 15 years. We asked him how he felt and he says, "Pucha hermanas, tranquilo y feliz." I love him!

We also had the visit from the Hermana Leaders this week and it was great! My comp and I worked SO hard this week and the Lord really did bless us. We were able to find 6 new people to teach, and had more lessons with members that ever before. The branch is starting to help us more and the work is moving forward.

I love you all! In spiritual thoughts this week, I encourage you all to study faith. In the course of having the privilege of knowing Hermano Jorge I realize I still lack so much faith. Study faith, even if you think you know what it is! I promise you you will discover new things and you will feel Gods love.

Les amo. No puedo creer que solo me falta 9 meses por estar aqui en Peru como misionera. Les extraño tanto pero no quiero irme de aqui! Dios les ama. Yo se y con poder yo les testifico y les prometo que si ustedes pongan las cosas de el en primer lugar en sus vidas, el les bendecirà mas que pueden imaginar!

Hermana Miceli :) 

Pic 1- My whole time here in the jungle I have waited to see a monkey aside from in the zoo and this week it came to pass!
Pic 2-4 Jorge got baptized! Alright really the last one, how cute and happy is he?!

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