Monday, June 22, 2015


Hola! Wow what a week. I  may or may not have written in my journal all week so this will be rough to remember all that happened...

Tuesday was a normal day! I have been struggling with my stomach, #normalweareinPeru so the work was slow! But that night we had the cool opportunity to teach a Book of Mormon class for the senior missionary couple who was out of town. We taught Jacob 5 about the allegory of the tame and wild olive tree. It was awesome but SO HARD to teach in english. #neverEVERthoughtIwouldsaythat

Wednesday we didnt do much because my comp had been throwing up all night the night before and I was still dying so we sat inside and studied a lot and watched mormon messages. I literally think I have seen every mormon message ever at least 5 times.

Thursday was good! We had weekly planning like normal which as hard as I try I am convinced it will always be torturous. #rough.

Friday was a suuuuppper slow day. We only had two appointments in the morning and then no one because it was the Festival of Dances here in Cusco for the school so nobody was home and everyone was in the street. It was crazy! The whole month of June is crazy here leading up to this Wednesday, the 24th, which is essentially the independence day of Cusco. They have this huge celebration in Sacsayhuaman where they sacrifice a llama and do a bunch of crazy stuff. If we get permission we can go watch! So anyways, no one was home on Friday. But in the afternoon we had interviews with President! He did it different this time and came to our house... that was interesting. And weird. But it was good! I talked with his wife Hermana Harbertson and she thinks I have a parasite. YAY it is totally normal here so I will go to the doctor tomorrow and get it taken care of.

Saturday was a different day! We worked all day at this even called the Feria of Huancaro here in Cusco. We worked with the Regional Archives here in Cusco and talked about Family History. It was fun and we contacted TONS of people! I also got a sweet tan so theres that. Then after we went and watched the cultural celebration for the dedication of the temple in Trujillo! It was super cute and one of our investigators Pilar who has never visited the church CAME WITH HER KIDS. We were sooo happy. I cant explain all of her story, but a miracle people, a true miracle!

Then on Sunday we were in the chapel all day. We got to watch all three sessions of the temple dedication in Trujillo. It was done by President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar. It was THE BEST. So incredible to see how the work of the gospel has progressed here in Peru. You all should go look up the dedicatory prayer and the talks. LO MAXIMO.

So all in all we didnt have very much work time this week for appointments and what not but we were able to get a lot done! It was such spiritual weekend with the temple dedication and an awesome time to rest if you will and realy focus on the Lord and how He is moving His work forward throughout the world.

SO SUPER FUNNY side story to end. I have a book that I have given to a couple of members to write in so that I can remember them because next monday are changes and I could go. Well, there is this recent convert Jeorgina (cutest lady ever) and I gave her my book to write in. Well, while we were in her house right before the lesson I glanced at it and it said "Para ti Hermana Nicholls" HAHA what. Elder Nicholls is my old zone leader who just finished his mission last change. So hard not to resist dying in the moment, but of course I didnt say anything because I didnt want her to feel bad. Ahhhhh Peru, I will never forget you and your crazy people.

I hope you all had a great week! You all should read Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon again this week! It is an incredible chapter and an incredible example of the Lords love for his children! Les amo mucho!

Hermana Miceli :)

Pic: Last night we had dinner with the Rhoades, a senior couple who teaches English and self sufficiency here in Cusco. They are the best! Also that cute family are members.

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