Monday, June 15, 2015

Just call me a mountain climber!

Hola todos!!

Espero que todo este bien con cada uno de ustedes y que ustedes han tenido una semana fantastica!

This week was SUPER hard for me and my comp here. I dont know why, but we felt like we failed EVERY DAY. We had more set appointments this week than we have ever had, but every day they all fell through! We were only able to visit with one investigator, and couldnt get ahold of anyone all week. ROUGH to say the least, but it happens in the mission. It was soooo frustrating but I learned a good lesson about patience. The investigator family that we have seems to keep going downhill and we dont know what to do with them. They arent coming to church anymore, we havent had an actual lesson with them in about 2 weeks, and we havent been able to get ahold of them. It is hard not to wonder where I am going wrong as a missionary whenever things dont go how I plan or how I want them to. But thanks to my awesome zone leader, Elder Day, I was reminded that IT IS OKAY. We all have our sphere of influence - the circle of things that we have control over in our lives. As a missionary, I have to learn to focus myself on my sphere of influence and letting go of the rest. It is frustrating because really there is so little we can actually control in comparison to what we would like. But the Lord knows all! He is aware of our situation right now, and He is helping us, even if it is only in the small things. While I was more than ready for this week to be over, I am grateful for all of the things that happened. My companion and I grew closer together and we learned to rely more on the Lord to know really what it is that He would have us do.

So this morning for P-day, as a zone we went to this place WAAAAYYYY above Cusco called Balcon del Diablo, or The Devils Balcony. SO CRAZY WHAT. For almost two straight hours we hiked through a river and rock climbed without the equipment. It was crazy but sooo much fun and sooo pretty! I am so lucky to be in such a culturally rich place. We also had this dog that latched onto us from the beginning and walked with us all the way to the top! We named him Rafael, and while none of us can take him home, he was a good friend for a day. 

Well, I hope each of you have a good week! I am confident that this week will be better with the work here! ON A HIGH NOTE, this weekend we get to watch the dedication of the temple here in Trujillo Peru! So excited for that. And then on Monday we will have a visit from a member of the FIRST PRESIDENCY of the church! 

I love you all and am so grateful always for your support and love!

Hermana Miceli :)

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