Monday, April 20, 2015


Wow so this week has been trying but good! I have been sick most of the week and with what I dont know but for this I have been confined to the house and my bed. It is horriblle when you cant work here in the mission! But I am getting better and pushing through so all is well. :)

This week was slow as far as lessons, but we were able to get super organized in our house! We have what is called an Area Book and in it we have records of all the people in our area - people we are teaching, have taught, recent converts, less actives, TODO - and what they have been taught in the past year up until now more or less. It is a guide for all missionaries! Well our Area Book was a mess, but Thursday during our weekly planning session we were able to organize everything and we found people who had been lost mas o menos. Hopefully from this we can find more people to help and reactivate!

Saturday was LO MAXIMO because I was able to get a Priesthood blessing of health from my zone leaders! I am so grateful for the Priesthood and although I didnt literally feel better, I felt better and I felt Gods love! Plus it was in English... #score

So things I still havent mastered in Peru and maybe (probably) never will:
1. NAMES. Muy dificil, en cerio. People here have 2 last names - the first in their actual last name from their father like in the US and the second is their mothers maiden name. For this I never know who anyone is and contacting is an adventure trying to understand. #PeruStruggles
2. DIRECTIONS. HAHA streets here are not really streets and mos direcctions are just names of areas in general. If I didnt have my trainer I would be lost.
3. Names of Food. I like tons of stuff here andI wish I could tell you all about it but I dont know what anything is called! #MysteryMeals

So this week I was studying in Exodus in the Bible all about Moses and the plagues brought upon Egypt before the departure of the children of Israel. How horrible seriously were the things brought upon the Pharaoh and his people however when pharaoh asked Moses to pray to the Lord and remove the plague the Lord always did so. However Pharaoh was still hard hearted and would not deliver the children of Israel. I was thinking that many times many of us are like Pharaoh - we have consequences for our bad actions and then we receive mercy from the Lord but fail to recognize his goodness and continue on in our ways. Dont be like Pharaoh! When you receive consequences, repent, and are brought back into the presence of the Lord strive to stay there and give him thanks!

I love you all muchisimo!!!

Hermana Miceli

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