Monday, May 9, 2016

Well first off, Cristians going to Colombia!! He opened his mission call yesterday and it was the best! But sups trunky - he reports to the CCM the same day Ill be back on American soil... EEK!

This week was good! It was crazy, here and there with Hermana Lider stuff. 

Monday we had a super great NDH with Gaby and the bishops fam! Shes really progressing and is super excited for her baptism. Shes one of the people that I know I promised I was going to come and find. I love her!

Tuesday we did service with the Elders for Hermana Fredy and found Hermana Jessica, my old pension! She was only here for a few days but it was super great to see her.

Wednesday we had divisions with central... well tried to. It sure was not our day. Hermana Rodriguez and I spent all day in the hospital with a sister from the other zone and poor Hermana Wagner with Hermana Bazo twisted her ankle which brought them home all afternoon. What I learned: I am so not ready to be a mother!! #mommiceli #doctormiceli But in the morning we did find some less actives that we had been looking for for a while and an old investigator so that was sweet.

Thursday we went to the beach! We had to plan our conferencia multi zona for the next day. Then we spent all night at the clinic again for some dang copies of a medical report that took 3 HOURS AND COST 18 SOLES. #patience

Friday we had conferencia en el campo with president! It was a super good day and wasnt too cold which was nice. Pres talked about lots of things but what impacted me the most came from Hermana Harbertson. She talked about becoming Gods and how we do it. There was a study a few years ago where they found the farthest universe that exists from earth - 13.3 billion light years away. That means that God has been at the process of creation for more than 13 billion years. That means we can have perfect confidence in Him, that He is perfect and has had a long time to perfect the things He does. God never makes mistakes, EVER. He knows exactly what He is doing and can always see the beginning to eternity. It was a super good talk! She talked about Christ and the perfect balance he had achieved in his life that allowed him to become like God. So, how do you become a God?

I love you all! Mothers day was the best. Shout out to my stellar and incredible mother. The strongest woman I know who manages to put a smile on her face everyday. Remember that you are all so loved by God. He is in the details of your life. His only desire is to help you become perfect even as He is. Trust in Him because He does not make mistakes.

Con Amor,
Hermana Miceli

Pic 1 - Cristians going to COLOMBIA!
Pic 2 y 3 - Vamos a la playa!
Pic 4 - Look mom my hairs turning auburn.

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