Monday, August 10, 2015

Call me Mama

AHHHHH. So today are cambios! I am going to be training a new missionary here in Puerto! AHH WHAT. I still feel like I dont even know what Im doing in the mission, so I feel nervous to have to teach someone else everything! But I am super excited to have MI HIJA!!! I dont know if she will be a latina or a North American, but I am so excited/nervous/a thousand other emotions. My comp Hermana Salas will be going to Cusco to be a Sister Training Leader so I will still get to see her when she comes here to Puerto every change to do divisions.

This week was super fun! There were just a lot of silly moments. Tuesday we went and visited our branch president and his wife - she is pregnant and on bed rest so she gets super lonely and annoyed with her husband. It was the best and they bought us pizza - DELICIOUS pizza that was almost american. Wednesday was normal - we bought a coconut and ate ice cream. :)

On Friday we were with Hermana Vitola and Hermana Arroyo our Sister Leaders from Cusco (my comp will be taking the place of Hermana Vitola) I was with Hermana Arroyo and we went to Triunfo! We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators Marisol. A few weeks back we had left her with a Book of Mormon but hadnt had the chance to come back and explain it. Well, when we started to explain it she told us that in the weeks that we hadnt been able to visit her she had been reading the BOM. She said she didnt understand much but when she had a question she opened up the Bible and tried to compare them so she could understand. WHAT. Incredible. We got her to pray at the end and it was the most simple, beautiful prayer. I LOVE THIS MISSION THING.

That night we had a fiesta! My comps birthday is at the end of this month but we wanted to celebrate it now while we are still together. So while my comp was still with Hermana Vitola, Hermana Arroyo and I went and bought balloons and streamers to decorate our room. Here in Peru the tradition is that on your birthday they crack eggs over your head and throw cornstarch on you. So as tradition has it we had to comply. BAD IDEA. Our room was a mess and it still smells like eggs. Haha. But it was super fun and definitely a night Ill never forget!

Saturday we went and helped our branch president clean his kitchen and then were treated to a delicious lunch made by his mother in law. Its called Carapulcra con sopa seca. SO GOOD. Carapulcra is a curry type dish made with potatoes and peanuts and then sopa seca is pasta with some special sauce and chicken! Ill have to ask for the recipe because it was delish. Then at night we went to this place called CarneBrava to say goodbye to the missionaries from our zone who are finishing their mission. Another delicious meal - now as I am typing this email I realize that this week I had a lot of delicious food. #cantcomplain. By the way, cow intenstines arent so bad people! Pretty tasty actually. The night ended with chocolate cake and ice cream! It was sad to say good bye to the missionaries leaving, but it was fun to have one last night to celebrate!

I am so happy to be a missionary! This week I just felt really grateful to be able to be here sharing the gospel with these people in Peru, and right now in Puerto. There is a song about missionaries calling Coming Home and there is a line in it that says something about it is beautiful when "nameless faces become my best friends." It is so true! I love this. I love these people. I am so privileged to represent Jesus Christ and to know so many more people that for the rest of my life now will be my family! I hope you all can look for opportunities this week to share the gospel where you are! Look for opportunities to serve. For opportunities to love. And always recognize how privileged we are to know what it feels like to feel our Saviors love! I love you all so much! See you next week with MI HIJA!!!

Hermana Miceli :)

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